Lottie Moon Correspondence

Lottie Moon Correspondence

Some of the most commonly-mentioned IMB missionaries in Lottie Moon's correspondence are given below with their dates of service.  Under "Places," find the earliest stations of the IMB's North China mission alongside their modern-day names and spellings.


Tarleton P. and Martha Crawford (1851-1892)

Sallie J. Little Holmes (1858-1890)

Jesse B. Hartwell (1858-1879, 1893-1912) and wives Julia (1872-1875) and Charlotte (1893-1903); daughter Anna (1892-1940)

Cicero W. Pruitt (1881-1936) and wives Ida (1882-1884) and Anna (1888-1936)

Matthew T. Yates (1846-1888) and wife Eliza (1846-1894)


Tengchow/Tung Chow (modern-day Penglai Shi, China)

Hwanghien/Hwanghsien (modern-day Longkou Shi, China)

Chefoo (modern-day Yantai, China)

P’ingtu/Pingtu (modern-day Pingdu Shi, China)

Laichowfu (modern-day Laizhou Shi, China)

*All North China mission stations were located in Shantung (modern-day Shandong) Province.