Landrum and Sallie Holmes Correspondence

Landrum and Sallie Holmes Correspondence

Some of the most commonly-mentioned IMB missionaries in the Holmes correspondence are given below with their dates of service, as well as family members and other significant individuals.  Under "Places," find relevant Chinese cities alongside their modern-day names and spellings.

People—Missionaries (IMB unless otherwise noted)

Matthew T. Yates (1846-1888) and wife Eliza (1846-1894)

Tarleton P. and Martha Crawford (1851-1892)

Rosewell H. Graves (1855-1912)

Asa and Martha Cabaniss (1850-1860)

Jesse B. Hartwell (1858-1879, 1893-1912) and wife Eliza (1837-1870)

Calvin and Julia Mateer (Presbyterian missionaries)

D. B. and Juana McCartee (Presbyterian missionaries)

Charles J. Hall (English Baptist medical missionary)


Ann Webber Little (Sallie’s mother)

Catherine Webber and Mary Webber Trawin (Sallie’s aunts)

Mary Susan Little (Sallie’s sister)

Bob and Maria Little and Sam and Kate Little (Sallie’s brothers and sisters-in-law)

Eulie Little (Sallie’s niece)

Matthew Holmes (Landrum’s brother)

Sakhe/Sa Kee (Chinese boy adopted by Sallie; later known as Wong Chin Foo)


Shantung (modern-day Shandong Province, China)

Tengchow/Tung Chow (modern-day Penglai Shi, China)

Chefoo (modern-day Yantai, China)

Hwanghien/Hwanghsien (modern-day Longkou Shi, China)

Canton (modern-day Guangzhou, China)