African American Heritage

Lottie Moon Correspondence


The MINUTES database contains board meeting minutes (FMB) from 1845 to 1979. Board meeting minutes after 1979 are available upon request from the IMB archivist. The database also contains the board’s annual reports to the SBC from 1846 to 1953.

The LOTTIE MOON CORRESPONDENCE database contains Lottie Moon's letters and reports to the board's Corresponding Secretaries, Henry A. Tupper and Robert J. Willingham, as well as letters to her friends and family from 1873 to 1912. It also contains her articles written for publication in the Home and Foreign Journal and Foreign Missions Journal.

The AFRICAN AMERICAN HERITAGE database contains transcripts of The Commission, Southern Baptist Missionary Journal and Home and Foreign Journal articles from the board’s early missionaries to Liberia and Sierra Leone (1846-1861) including John Day, Boston J. Drayton, A. P. Davis, B. P. Yates and others.

The PERIODICALS database contains scanned images of journals published by the Foreign Mission Board from 1845 to 1970. Journal titles include: Southern Baptist Missionary Journal, Home and Foreign Journal, Foreign Mission Journal and The Commission.

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